Star Teacher

Star Teacher

April 2019

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the month, Miss Alyssa! Miss Alyssa is one of our wonderful Infant Room aides at our Townline Rd. location. We are very grateful to have her as part of our Bunny Bunch team for we know that all of the babies are in such wonderful care with Miss Alyssa. Her gentle, caring, and kind personality helps make the Infant Room run so smoothly and a happy place to be. When you see Miss Alyssa with the babies you can tell that she truly cares for each of them, and all of the babies absolutely love her too! Miss Alyssa is a very reliable and dependable employee. Not only has she never called in for a shift, but she is always willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed. We truly appreciate all that she does for all of the children and the center! Congratulations Miss Alyssa!! We love you!!!

March 2019

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the Month Miss Samantha, from our Ward Road Location. Miss Samantha has been a part of our Bunny Bunch team for a while now and has proven herself to be a hardworking and reliable member. Her great attendance and willingness to work makes her an important asset to this company. Miss Samantha can be seen working in all of our classrooms but mostly in our Toddler Room and Pre-K 3 Room. No matter what room she is in she does a great job adapting and giving it her all. Miss Samantha has a very kind, gentle and caring personality which is why she is loved and adored by all of the children, parents and coworkers. She insures that all the children are having fun and is there to give a hug if a child is ever in need. Miss Samantha is very easy going and has great communication with both the parents and staff. Her laid back and go with the flow attitude makes her easy to work with and a joy to be around. We appreciate all that Miss Samantha does and love working side by side with her every day. Congratulations Miss Samantha! Thank you for all that you do!! We love you!!!

February 2019

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the month, Miss Carissa from our Boulevard location! Miss Carissa has been with Bunny Bunch for almost a year now and has proven herself to be a valuable asset to our Bunny Bunch team! Miss Carissa is one of our Toddler aides whom continues to be thoughtful and helpful to her fellow employees and the children. She is always going the extra mile to lend a helping hand to those around her. Miss Carissa’s reliability, kindness, and involvement throughout each day are only some of the reasons why we love her! Her hard work and dedication surely do not go unnoticed! Miss Carissa is a very sweet and welcoming person who is always greeting each parent and child with a smile on her face as they walk into the facility. Miss Carissa goes above and beyond to make sure all the children in her care are well taken care of and having fun! They children absolutely love her enthusiasm and her ability to entertain at any given moment. We are lucky and thankful to have Miss Carissa as an employee here at Bunny Bunch! Congratulations Miss Carissa!! We love you!!!

January 2019

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the month, Miss Barb!! Miss Barb is one of our fantastic Pre-K 4 aides who has been with Bunny Bunch for almost 10 years! We are extremely grateful for all of her hard work and dedication throughout the years. Miss Barb has been such an important part of our UPK/Pre-K 4 program and all of her help each day is extremely appreciated. She always comes in early with a positive attitude and all of the kids are always so happy to see her. Miss Barb has great communication with parents and is such a great help with drop off, all of the children always love to help Miss Barb in the morning! She does so much throughout the morning to help class run smoothly. Miss Barb’s kind and loving personality is what makes all of the children adore her and all of the other teachers love to work with her! We are so very thankful to have such a caring, reliable, and all around wonderful employee with us each day!! Congratulations Miss Barb!! We love you!!!

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Star Teacher

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the Month, Miss Alyssa!


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