Infant Mission Statement

InfantsWelcome to the infant room, where we believe that a loving and nurturing environment is the key to help the development of your child’s unique personality. This is where your child begins to learn to trust outside the bounds of immediate family. Your infant will grow to develop a strong sense of self, and will have the opportunity to create a bond with their peers. They will also begin to learn compassion. Through routine structure, your infant will become equipped with the necessary tools they need to enter into the toddler room. Our main focus is to provide the intimacy and comfort that every infant needs in order to blossom into a secure and confident individual.


At Bunny Bunch Day Care, we recognize that each infant has his or her own schedule. While we implement structure throughout the day, one of our primary goals is to keep your baby’s schedule on track. We encourage your instruction as to what you would have us do in order to keep your child’s routine.

Each day includes breakfast lunch and snack for those infants on solid foods (usually ages 12 months and up). They enjoy a morning circle time including singing and stories. Weather permitting; we also like to get our infants out for walks in our big red strollers.


Throughout their time in the infant room, the babies will be introduced to the following concepts. By the time they move up into the toddler room, the infants will show progress in or demonstrate the following:

  • Foster linguistic skills as they emerge
  • Develop fine motor skills (ex. finger painting) and gross motor skills (ex. walking, dancing)
  • Promotion of self-regulation and self-awareness
  • Exposure to repetitive counting in order to familiarize the infants with this concept
  • Recognition of popular children’s songs
  • Introduction to socialization with other infants
  • Nurture cognitive development
  • Formation of healthy attachments
  • Promotion and building of confidence and self-esteem
  • Promotion of the development of the individual personality
  • Formation of a loving community

It is in this loving and nurturing environment that we strive to help your child develop their unique personality.


By providing an inviting and stimulating environment, as well as much encouragement and praise, we strive to make your child’s Bunny Bunch experience a positive and happy one!

It is in this meaningful environment that we aim to provide a variety of opportunities and activities that promote physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and creative development.


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